Mediation Support Services

As the use of mediation continues to grow, the burden falls on attorneys and financial advisors to provide the highest-quality, most up-to-date mediation services possible.

Mediation Services of Georgia, Inc., helps lessen that burden by providing busy legal and financial professionals with a variety of mediation support services. These services, conducted by trained, certified and registered mediation professionals, include:

  • Mediation coaching and preparation of disputing parties
  • Organization of pertinent paperwork
  • Preparation of visual aids, exhibits and PowerPoint presentations
  • Assistance with intake and follow-up procedures

Working with Mediation Services of Georgia allows you to offer your clients professional, yet affordable, mediation preparation, enabling them to participate in mediation with more confidence and less anxiety. It also allows you to offer a value-added service at a lower hourly rate, freeing up your time for higher-priced responsibilities and commitments. Mediation coaching is not a substitute for legal or financial counsel nor does it offer legal or financial advice.

Experience shows the necessity for in-depth mediation preparation. Post-mediation interviews with disputing parties reveal high levels of uncertainty and anxiety about dealing with the mediation process. They report this hindered their communication with their legal and financial advisors and reduced their ability to participate effectively during the mediation session. Typical comments include: “I got overwhelmed and had trouble accepting advice and making decisions.” “I would have had a better outcome if I had understood the process better.” “I was so anxious I couldn’t express my thoughts clearly to my attorney or to the mediator.” Even seasoned businesspeople facing mediation report “losing their cool” and not knowing what to do when frustration welled up during the session.

Professional mediation coaching and preparation helps disputing parties overcome these feelings of discomfort and uncertainty by familiarizing and educating them about the dynamics of the mediation process. Disputing parties who participate in mediation coaching are more likely to:

  • Be satisfied with the outcome of their case
  • Cooperate and communicate successfully with their legal and financial advisors
  • Retain emotional control throughout the process
  • Be a positive reflection on the attorney or financial advisor representing them
  • Feel comfortable and confident when going into mediation and throughout the session
  • Help move the mediation process along to the desired result
  • Report an over-all positive experience with mediation proceedings

To discuss how Mediation Services of Georgia can customize mediation support services for your practice and your clients, please contact mediator/ mediation coach JoAnne Donner CDFA at 770-842-9400, at or through our website at Thank you for your time and consideration.