Mediation Coaching

Mediation Coaching is available nationwide through phone or Skype consultations.

Appropriate for parties to mediation who will be attending a mediation session either with counsel present or participating in mediation without an attorney. Also appropriate as an attorney referral, when a client is scheduled for mediation and would benefit from increased knowledge about the mediation process. Mediation coaching is given in addition to, not instead of, legal advice.

Preparation enhances a party’s ability to succeed at the mediation table.

Are you scheduled for a mediation session? Do you understand the mediation process or will you, like most people, be going into the mediation session with very little knowledge about what mediation really is, how it actually works, or what your role will be when you come face to face with the mediator, and the opposing party at the mediation table?

While we all have seen numerous attorneys, judges, and courtroom scenes on TV and in the movies, the same exposure has not been given to the dynamics of mediation and how it differs from litigation. Partly as a result of this lack of familiarity, people tend to go into mediation knowing very little about what to expect from the process, from the mediator, or about what their role in the session is supposed to be. In short, they are not prepared, thus seriously eroding their chance to succeed on what can be one of the most important days of their life.

A mediation coaching session tells you about the ins and outs of the mediation process, thoroughly preparing you so you can walk into the mediation proceedings feeling comfortable, confident, and in control. Some of the things you will learn during a mediation coaching session include:

  • How to present yourself and communicate your viewpoints to best advantage
  • How to stay in control and stay focused on your priorities throughout the process
  • What to do if the momentum is not going your way
  • The communication traps, tricks and techniques you need to know to be most effective and reach a resolution that best serves your needs

Mediation coaching is appropriate for those planning to participate in a mediation session either with counsel present or pro se, attending mediation without an attorney. If you are an attorney, referring a client to mediation coaching supplements your client preparation for mediation, and enhances the opportunities that contribute to a desired resolution. In mediation coaching, we work hand in hand with a party’s attorney so everyone will benefit. The attorney is always the sole source of legal advice.

Mediation Coaching Testimonial

Thank you for your guidance. I feel stronger and more aware of what to expect during this process. Knowledge is power, and thanks to your guidance on this journey, I feel more empowered and less fearful as I prepare for mediation.

Susan C., Kansas City, Kansas
Mother of two minor children

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To learn more about mediation coaching and/or to schedule a mediation coaching session for yourself or for a client facing mediation, please call 770/842-9400 or email Donner Mediation and Coaching LLC President JoAnne Donner CDFA at

Mediation coaching focuses on preparation for succeeding in a mediation session, working hand in hand with legal counsel. It is not a substitute for legal or financial counsel nor does it offer legal or financial advice.