Divorce Coaching

If you are contemplating divorce and are unsure of your next step, or if you are in the midst of divorce and are wondering if things are progressing to your advantage, divorce coaching can be your guide through the pressures, uncertainties, and, many times, overwhelming decisions associated with terminating a marriage.

Issues addressed include:

  • The differences between litigation, arbitration, and mediation
  •  Effective, efficient ways to select, hire, manage, and monitor legal, financial and other
    divorce professionals who are working for you
  • The advantages and disadvantages of either self-representation or hiring a lawyer
  • Win-win strategies for communicating and strategizing with your professional divorce team
  • The role that unbundled legal services can play in your divorce
  • Important negotiation and communication techniques that help you effectively communicate with an estranged spouse, a difficult soon-to-be ex, or a co-parent.
  • Defining and refining your goals and priorities as they relate to all phases of the divorce process
  • How to identify and deal with your personal strengths and personal challenge points and how they can affect the outcome of your case
  • The role emotions play and how to manage them as you navigate through the divorce process
  • The importance of paperwork and how to ensure that the important documents pertinent to your case will help you, not hurt you, as you proceed through divorce
  • Organizational techniques that can make the difference between a desired outcome to your divorce and years of regret over unwise decisions

At this time of transition in your life, you do not have to navigate the potentially overwhelming complexities of divorce alone. Divorce coaching is an opportunity to benefit from the expertise of a trained coach with both personal and professional experience in mediation and the divorce process.

Divorce Coaching Testimonials

JoAnne, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Out of all the professionals I have met with during my divorce, you are the one that provided me with the most help, clarity, and understanding. The information and insight you gave me saved me from feeling alone and saved me from making many mistakes I would have regretted. I will recommend your divorce coaching services to as many people as I can.

Jennifer M.
Married for 22 years. Three children under the age of 18.
Alpharetta, Georgia

I want to thank you, JoAnne, for your faithful support, encouragement, and hard work on my behalf. I
appreciate your efforts more than I can possibly articulate.

Susan E.
Married for 34 years. Four grown children.
Marietta, Georgia

Thank you for everything, JoAnne. Your divorce coaching was truly invaluable. The atmosphere in our house has already changed. I am extremely grateful.

Melissa T.
Married for 17 years. One teen-age child.
Cumming, Georgia

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